Mostly, this is diary.
Today is the last day. Thank you for being with me.
All of you are very kind.
"Memories of Matsuko" remind me someting that I sald before.
While people are being alone, they don't really think about loss.
Whatever they have like conflict, they`d better to be together when it is possible.
The reason is people will regret to be separated.
Although there are thousands of reasons being alone, we will lose possibility to be together.

Mr.Service desk`s lunch might be Mc.
Mrs. FX had a good coffee with her friend.
A young good father took his boy to the forst tower dentist, but leave the boy alone.
Shall I be happy for Chihuahuas at least?

Now, I shall have to find if Architecture is still with me.
I have lost a lot today, but I found I was somehow happy there.
Sometime, I became unhappy because of the season & cloudy and rainy whether.